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School of Aviation

We have set up our School of Aviation with ambitious plans. Our collaboration with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the premier university worldwide for Aviation and Aerospace studies, to offer the innovative Dual Enrollment program is unique: This is the first time the internationally acclaimed university, which has research and training collaborations with institutions such as the NASA and the United States Armed Forces, has entered into collaboration outside of the US.

The above is our preliminary step towards developing a full-fledged provision of a suite of higher education and professional development qualifications, including in the area of pilot training, within the realm of Aviation and Aerospace. We intend to partner with prestigious universities and commercial aviation organizations to provide world-class learning opportunities to the students of Sri Lanka and the South Asian region.

  • Imagine a learning opportunity that can spark a lifetime of growth and development in cutting-edge fields that define the future of our world. It can be yours when you participate in the Embry- Riddle Dual Enrollment Program.

    Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University, the largest university in the world for Aviation and Aerospace studies with leadership positions in Engineering, Science and Technology, brings its Dual Enrollment Program to Sri Lanka in partnership with Gateway Graduate School (GGS), the higher education and professional development arm of the Gateway Group. This is the first time Embry- Riddle is partnering with an institution outside of the United States to offer its innovative Dual Enrollment Program.