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Collaborative Programme: Degree in Business and Music

Gateway Graduate School (GGS) has entered into a groundbreaking collaboration with the Soul Sounds Academy, the leading institution in Sri Lanka for the provision of training for Western Music, to offer the first year of a degree in Business and Music. Students will be able to transfer to the University of Adelaide, a leading Group of Eight (Go8) university in Australia, for their second and third year degree studies to earn a Bachelor of Business (Major) and Music (Minor) degree.

We are also in discussions with the University of Adelaide to open up more options such as Finance and Music and Computing and Music. We intend to introduce more such initiatives in the near future so that students in Sri Lanka have the option of pursuing their passion in non-traditional fields such as music and performing arts while also gaining professional credentials in conventional areas related to employment in the industry.

  • Visualise pursuing studies in your area of passion while qualifying as a highly sought-after professional? A degree in Business and Music from the University of Adelaide, a global 1% university, will prepare you for a dynamic 21st century career in multiple fields, ranging from the conventional corporate sector to the arts to performance and events business.