Earn credits of the common first year of a range of undergraduate degree programs of the largest aviation and aerospace university in the world while studying for A/Ls at your school or while pursuing the International Foundation Diploma at Gateway Graduate School.

Standout from the rest

Be an academically qualified aviation and aerospace professional with a piloting license.
Have a career progression up to the top seat of any aviation field including aviation management, engineering and piloting.

Imagine a learning opportunity that can spark a lifetime of growth and development in cutting-edge fields that define the future of our world. It can be yours when you participate in the Embry-Riddle Dual Enrollment Program.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the largest university in the world for aviation and aerospace studies with campuses in the US and Singapore, brings its Dual Enrollment Program to Sri Lanka in partnership with Gateway Graduate School (GGS), the higher education and professional development arm of the Gateway Group. This is the first time Embry-Riddle is partnering with an institution outside the United States to offer its innovative Dual Enrollment Program.

Degree Pathways

The accredited Dual Enrollment Program of Embry-Riddle will enable students to progress on to higher education degree qualifications with exemptions in the following disciplines:

  • Aeronautics and Unmanned Systems
  • Aeronautical Science and Piloting
  • General Science and Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Aviation Management
  • Business Management

What is Embry-Riddle Dual Enrollment Program?

  • Qualification from a premier US University: Embry-Riddle, a global champion of innovation and research, has developed the Dual Enrollment Program to prepare students for the challenges of aviation, aerospace and related careers of the 21st Century.
  • University credits in parallel to A/Ls or International Foundation Diploma: The Dual Enrollment Program enables A/L or International Foundation Diploma students to earn up to 24 credits of the US higher education system even before they start their university life. A typical US undergraduate degree program has 30 credits in its first academic year; hence the students in Sri Lanka have the opportunity to complete 80% of the first year of degree studies through the Dual Enrollment Program.
  • Transfer opportunities: Students will be able to transfer the credits earned through the Dual Enrollment Program to a range of undergraduate degrees offered by Embry-Riddle at their US and Singapore Campuses or to other university programs in the US, Canada or Australia.
  • Duration: The Dual Enrollment Program is flexible; however, students typically complete the 24 credits over a period of two years in parallel to their A/L studies.
  • Online delivery: The Dual Enrollment Program is delivered online by Embry-Riddle academics.
  • Additional tutorial support by Gateway Graduate School: The teaching staff of Gateway Graduate School will provide additional tutorial support to the enrolled students.

Key Advantages

  • The pathways: The Dual Enrollment Program allows students to complete the core courses/modules in Sri Lanka and then transfer to a variety of undergraduate degree programs related to Aviation, Aerospace, Engineering, Business Management and General Science.
  • Exposure: During the occassional workshops conducted in Sri Lanka by the academic staff of Embry-Riddle the students will explore some of the practical aspects of aviation and aerospace studies.
  • Saving time: Since the Dual Enrollment Program can be started in parallel to A/Ls or University Foundation Diploma, students will be able to save almost one year’s time of their higher education.
  • Saving costs: Students can earn up to 24 credits, which is equivalent to 80% of a typical US degree program at a fraction of the cost; there is also the additional benefit of not incurring the living costs of an advanced economy while pursuing the first part of your degree studies in Sri Lanka.
  • Flexibility: Students have the flexibility of undertaking the courses/modules at their own pace, depending on the demands of their A/L or International Foundation Diploma studies. It is possible to take breaks between the courses/modules when there are school or public examinations. You can also increase the number of courses/modules during school holidays.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have successfully completed UK OLs/IGCSEs/local OLs and be studying for UK ALs/Local ALs/International Foundation Diploma or successfully completed UK ALs/Local ALs/International Foundation Diploma.

Contact Details

Head Office

  • No 01 , 36th Lane
    (Opposite Devi Balika Vidyalaya),
    Colombo 08.
    Telephone: +94112695103, +94112695107
    Contact Person/s:
    Rushika de Silva, Imeshi Kandumulla

Kandy Branch

  • No- 496, Peradeniya Road,
    Kandy, Sri Lanka
    Telephone: +94812203377